Audiobook deal, art orders, and more!

As Calvin & Hobbes would say: the days are just packed!

If you’ve been waiting to get your hands on my fantasy debut, Give the Dark My Love, now is the time to get the audiobook—it’s 90% off the retail price over at!

I have no idea how long this sale will last—so click this ASAP to snag this deal! is a great audiobook option—it has all the best titles, plus it supports local indie bookstores. Definitely consider supporting them!

Speaking of local indie bookstores…

Many of you likely remember my paper flowers art venture. At the start of the pandemic, I threw myself into this art project. It started as a way to give myself a good video background for programs (such as the Crafting Novels webinar, where I did five videos showing how to take an idea and plot it all the way through to a complete novel). But I loved playing with flowers so much that I started decorating my house with them…and then still had more!

I’m happy to announce that I’ve recently partnered with Adventure Bound Bookstore to sell the paper flower creations! You can contact Angela, the store owner, for prices and shipping information (or people in WNC, drop by the charming store in beautiful Morganton, NC—that downtown area is so cool. Also, the bookstore is across the street from an ice cream shop, and I mean, what else do you need in life?!).

You can get these paper flower creations—from the individual ornaments to the “flower scapes” in wooden or canvas frames—at Adventure Bound, where they’ll also ship! You can also order any of my books, signed and/or personalized. They have lots of other books, too, not just mine ;)

Nearly all of these creations can be made with different colors or I can customize them to your preference—contact me if you’d like to get something unique made! That said, I will point out that I only have a very limited supply of the cute trucks (only 2-3, depending on whether or not my son will let me part with them all):

(My child has absolutely grown attached…not for the flowers, but for the truck, haha.)

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Graphic Design for Authors & Creatives

Wordsmith Workshops is pleased to announce our latest seminar with author and graphic designer Ashley Poston!

With programs out there from Canva to BookBrush, it can sometimes be easy to churn out graphics. But if you want to take your author branding to the next level—or if you’re struggling with what to make or what to inclue in the graphics you do make—this is going to be an essential seminar. Graphic design is essential in the digital age!

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Story Analysis for Aspiring Authors

Don’t forget that if you’re an author with a story idea and you’re struggling to develop it, or if you have a rough draft that you want to make sure is perfect before you send it out to agents, I offer a variety of critique services! Now is the best time to book them—my agent has almost all my projects on her desk, and until the slow wheel of publishing move further, my turn-around time for these programs are often within a business day—and complete manuscript reads can be done in less than a week.

Services Available Here

Congrats to our NY Times Bestseller!

When Cristin and I first started Wordsmith, we hoped to give others the type of guidance, help, and friendship we wished that we could have had before publication. What we never anticipated was the sheer joy of seeing our past attendees succeed! We currently have three past attendees with books from major publishers out and another out next month, and this month we get to celebrate our first past attendee to hit the NY Times Bestseller list!

Congratulations, Rachel! We’re so excited to cheer you on!

Blood & Feathers Launching Soon!

My next book—a young adult fantasy about what makes a man a monster, set in a world where magic is rare but wild, and walls keep secrets as well barriers—is coming exclusively to Amazon Vella at the end of July!

Amazon Vella is a serialization program, so you won’t get the whole novel at once—which also means you get to help shape the outcome. Y’all love to hassle me about not killing off literally all my characters, and this is your chance to really help shape the conclusion of the novel. There are two ways this story can go—and I’ll be absolutely taking reader thoughts and interactions into consideration.

Amazon Vella launches in late July, and Blood & Feathers will be one of the lead titles there. At first open only to US readers (sorry! not my choice!), readers with any Amazon or Kindle account will be able to download Vella onto their iOS devices and read Blood & Feathers as it releases.

I’ll be telling you more about this in my next newsletter, once the program is officially launched, but I hope you’ll join me for this monstrous adventure!