Let the Summer Reading Begin!

All the books, all the time

It’s summer time, so I thought I’d give you all some recommendations of books I’ve been reading and loving lately!

But first, a few updates on writing:

  • Blood & Feathers, a new cross-over fantasy with monstrous birds and blood magic, is coming exclusively to Kindle Vella soon. No official launch date yet, but when it does load, this serialized novel will begin releasing episodes!

  • Meanwhile, I’m plugging away on projects set in both the past and the future—not time travel, but two different history and sci fi projects!

  • I’m also working on a few new things that aren’t book-shaped. I hope I get to say more about them soon!

Additionally, don’t forget about my programs for writers:

  • I currently have a lot of availability for critiques for writers. If you’d like to me to give you feedback on your query, your pages, or your whole manuscript, now’s the time to sign up for that—I can’t guarantee this lag between projects will be long, and I may have to close availability in the future! I currently can turn around a query critique in a day, and longer projects in about a week, which is about the fastest you can book a service for!

  • If you’re aspiring or already published, check out this program with Ash Poston on not just how to make graphic design for your author brand, but what to make to develop winning, eye-catching graphics!

  • We are very nearly sold out for the Orlando retreat—an in-person retreat, complete with critiques, fresh cookies, and an optional day at Disney’s Galaxy Edge, is going to be so much fun!

Summer Reading Recommendations!

A quick read that will leave you thinking: The Mysterious Disappearance of Aidan S. by David Levithan is about a boy whose brother disappears—and then comes back, saying that he went to a magical land throug the dresser in the attic (similar to Narnia). Did he really? Told from the point of view of the brothe left behind, this book really hit a lot of the right notes—it’s realistic, despite the impossibility of the disappearance and reappearance, and it will linger with you in the best possible way.

A book that blends magic and nature in lyrical prose: The Nature of Witches by Rachel Griffin. This beautifully told story (which is wrapped in a beautiful hardcover—there’s a suprise when you take off the dust jacket!) uses the seasons and the elements to dive into a swoon-worthy romance that you’re going to love.

A brilliant sci fi take that blends romance and twists: Full disclosure, I just got to read an early copy of Alechia Dow’s Kindred, which comes out next year. I adored that book and devoured it all in one sitting, then immediately grabbed this one, The Sound of Stars, her previous sci fi. Alechia is doing brilliant things with story-telling, and you don’t want to miss this author.

A fascinating, beautiful take on mythology told in a totally unique way: Lore Olympus has had its hooks in me for quite awhile. You can read the story for free on the app WebToon, but it’s also coming to print soon. Either way you read it, read it. This astounding graphic novel is simply stunning—it touches on fun twists on mythology, dark themes on sexual abuse, and healthy ways to develop relationships. Also, it’s just fun? I have laughed and cried over this story, and you need to, too.

A mind-bending twisty story that you will not guess the ending to: When I was first offered to read an early copy of Catriona Silvey’s Meet Me in Another Life, I really didn’t know what to expect, and I’m so glad because this story blind-sided me in the best possible way. If you’re a fan of Twilight Zone, Black Mirror, or Christopher Nolan style twists, you need to check out this book. Don’t read too much about it. Just go for the ride. (Why yes, that is my blurb on the book! Also! The website now says that this book is being turned into a movie and YESSSSS, it’s going to be great as one!)

A contemporary novel that’s dark and insightful: Tiffany Jackson is one of my few auto-buy authors. She writes a book, I buy the book, that’s the rules. Grown is no exception, and one of my most highly anticipated titles of hers. It takes a harsh look at the realities of celebrity and abuse and the consequences of society casting some people as “grown” even when they’re not, and the way that dehumanizes a person. It’s a must-read.

A neurotic bot designed for murder + an unravelling mystery + found family: Everyone’s been talking about Martha Wells’s Murderbot books, so of course I had to grab the first one. All Systems Red sucks you right into the head of a murderbot. The bot’s not supposed to have thoughts or free-will, but a little coding’s gone wrong. That’s okay. The whole mission’s gone wrong. And you’re going to root for this murderous little bot just like me.

Definitely check these books out—and let me know what you’re reading!